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Test Prep Approach

  • We provide a unique approach to help students achieve great scores in examinations.
  • Our teaching methods emphasis concept building, understanding as well as application of concepts as opposed to cramming as this is the area where most students are weak
  • We understand student’s individual needs, weaknesses, and strengths.
  • Knowing what is important for the student to know and help them close foundational or knowledge gaps.
  • We include personal tips to help students retain and recall knowledge.
  • Conduct full length timed practice tests and provide trick & tips to solve problem quickly and accurately

WAEC Exam Prep

Its designed to help students maximize their overall WAEC score by teaching both content and strategies and examination preparation Our instructors prepare students to tackle every question type in detail

IGCSE Exam Prep

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a two-year program certificated examination by the University of Cambridge. Student who completes an IGCSE subject gets a globally recognized qualification.
The IGCSE curriculum offers a wide choice of subjects, helps students improve their practical, creative, and critical thinking skills. The IGCSE curriculum is quite wide, therefore students find it difficult to study and prepare for exams especially as the content covers a two year syllabus . It is important for students to use the app to prepare as the videos and material has been structured to focus on intensive revision for the examinations covering critical areas.

JAMB Exam Prep

Our Examination preparation classes for JAMB are structured towards high achievement using a comprehensive approach to ensure students achieve a hgh score . Students have access to resources that ensure students understand through practice of past questions , watching videos on solutions

SAT Exam Prep

The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. We handle both registration and training for this test. In addition, we prepare students for the SAT subject tests which universities in the US add to the admission requirement for certain courses. Our tutors teach students the different aspects of the SAT and ensure that each student take at least five SAT mock tests (Full-length tests) before they sit the examination. In addition, we ensure that the preparation materials used are current ones.
Our SAT course has been updated to reflect the changes in the new version of the SAT. Students will review all appropriate content and learn proven strategies to best manage each section of the exam.
Ensure your basics are strong and you develop a solid foundation in all SAT concepts.
SAT Test Prep videos were *created by professionally trained tutors* looking to offer a perfectly global model for group classes and private tutoring. *This helps you master difficult topics and prepare your best for the SAT*. Our questions and explanations are written by experienced educators who truly understand the exam. They are designed in the style and format of the SAT, including basic themes, concepts, and equations

AP Exam Prep

Advanced Placement courses offer a vital role that helps prepare the student prepare for further education. All courses are college-level and follow a strict curriculum that is specified by the College Board. By taking part in such AP courses it shows you to have more self-control and allows you to study in much richer detail. All AP courses are structured to help prepare the students for success in such exams.


These tests are standardized English tests taken by non-native English speakers in order to obtain admission, visa and get employment in native English-speaking countries. Both tests are designed to determine the proficiency level of test takers in four key areas: writing, speaking, listening and reading. We handle both registration and training for these tests. The duration

Exam Prep


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