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Our Company Strategic Students placements counsellors advise students and families on how to get admitted to competitive colleges and get dollars of merit based scholarships.

University Admission & Scholarship Consulting Package

Admissions and Scholarship Services Offerings

Global Reimagine Online Academy offers a robust array of services tailored to facilitate your journey to higher education and career advancement:

✅ **In-Depth SAT/ACT Tutoring**: Customized instruction from elite tutors to conquer the SAT or ACT exams.

✅ **University Admissions Navigation**: Expert guidance to clarify the admissions process and elevate your application strategy.

✅ **Essay Crafting Workshops**: Hands-on workshops to hone your skills in writing persuasive application and scholarship essays.

✅ **Visa Application Assistance**: Detailed support for navigating the visa application process to ensure a smooth transition to studying abroad.

✅ **Scholarship Search Assistance**: Personalized search for partial and fully funded scholarships, helping secure financial support for all four years of university.

✅ **Tech Skills and Certifications**: Courses to develop your proficiency in in-demand areas like web design, AI, coding, and robotics.

✅ **Microsoft Office Certification**: Training to get certified in key software such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

✅ **Design with Canva**: Learn to craft professional visual content with Canva and gain certification.

✅ **Virtual Collaboration Mastery**: Master the use of essential online collaboration tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

✅ Additionally, our customized support package provides unparalleled assistance throughout your university application:

✅ One hour virtual meetings with your dedicated admissions advisor.

✅ Expert review and up to three edits of your personal statement.

✅ Extensive student visa counseling to demystify the international study requirements.

✅ Coaching on creating a compelling personal video interview.

✅ Final review of your university applications to ensure they meet the highest standards.

✅ Continuous post-application coaching/mentoring to aid you even after your applications are in.

✅ Unlimited email and messaging access to your coach/mentor for support during the admission process.

Our services are designed to not only help you gain admission to your dream university but also to secure the financial aid necessary to make your educational goals a reality.

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