Most repeated English Questions in jamb – 2023

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The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. One of the core subjects in JAMB examinations is English Language. Over the years, certain topics have repeatedly appeared in JAMB English Language exams. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the most repeated JAMB English topics and explain how Groacademy can help students prepare for the exam.

Comprehension passages

Comprehension passages are a common feature of JAMB English Language exams. These passages require candidates to read and understand the content of the text before answering the questions. Groacademy provides students with a wide range of comprehension passages to practice with. Our passages cover various topics and are designed to improve students’ reading and comprehension skills.

Use of English

The use of English is another critical aspect of the JAMB English Language exam. This section tests a candidate’s understanding of English grammar, vocabulary, and usage. Groacademy offers a comprehensive Use of English course that covers all the important topics in this section. Our course includes lessons on tenses, sentence structures, phrasal verbs, idioms, and much more.

Essay writing

Essay writing is an essential skill that is often tested in JAMB English Language exams. Candidates are required to write essays on a given topic within a specific time frame. Groacademy offers a unique essay writing course that teaches students how to write compelling essays. Our course covers all the necessary aspects of essay writing, including structure, style, and content.

Oral English

Oral English is the spoken version of the English language. It is an essential aspect of the JAMB English Language exam that tests a candidate’s ability to communicate fluently and effectively in English. Groacademy offers an interactive Oral English course that teaches students how to speak English fluently and confidently. Our course includes lessons on pronunciation, intonation, stress, and other essential aspects of oral communication.

In conclusion, JAMB English Language exams can be challenging, especially for students who are not adequately prepared. However, with Groacademy’s comprehensive courses, students can prepare themselves for success in the JAMB English Language exam. Our courses cover all the essential topics and are designed to improve students’ skills in reading, writing, and speaking English. We encourage students to sign up for our courses and take advantage of our excellent resources to prepare for the exam.

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